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The new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance mandates that a sewer test must be performed on all properties involved in a real estate transaction and an Oakland sewer certificate of compliance must be issued in order for the escrow to close.

If the sewer certificate is issued after an Oakland trenchless sewer replacement, it is good for 20 years. If the sewer certificate is issued on a tested line, it is good for seven years. The only exceptions are condominiums. Other triggers which make an Oakland sewer test required are renovations exceeding $100,000 and increasing the size of the water meter to a property.

The new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance has drastically changed the landscape for real estate transactions. Oakland sewer inspections are now required. Realtors and other people involved in real estate deals including home inspection professionals are receiving a large number of inquiries regarding what type of sewer test is required to obtain an Oakland sewer certificate. East Bay Mud who oversees compliance for the new Oakland sewer lateral ordinance accepts both air and water sewer tests.

  The Oakland sewer lateral ordinance is intended to protect natural resources and reduce the cost of treating ground water instead of sewage. The required sewer test is intended to determine whether or not the sewer line is allowing ground water into the system and whether or not sewage is leaking out of the system. “When a sewer test is done we need to have a proper cleanout to access the sewer system. Then we can create a seal within the pipe between the house and the sewer connection in the street. If the line holds water an Oakland sewer certificate can be issued. If the line is bad A Trenchless Sewer Lateral Replacement Is An Option


In Oakland the property owner is responsible for the sewer line running from the house to the main sewer line at the street. Many of the sewer lines are old. Some are made of clay and have cracked or broken over the years. Another big problem is the invasion of tree roots into sewer lines. Trees are searching for a water source to stay alive and what better place to find it than in a sewer line. Roots work their way into joints and cracks in the pipe and cause clogging and in some cases major sewer problems. A sewer test will be required to obtain the Oakland sewer certificate.

Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance in Oakland, Ca

Normally if a person needs Oakland sewer repair the homeowner would call a plumber to repair broken and clogged sewer lines. In the case of a real estate transaction the Oakland sewer lateral ordinance requires a sewer inspection to get the Oakland sewer certificate. The Oakland sewer inspection would determine if an Oakland sewer test was needed. The Oakland sewer test requires that a sewer video be taken of the sewer line. It gives the length and depth of the old line. The Oakland sewer test correctly identifies any problems. The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) requires an air or water verification test. This test determines if any ground water is seeping into the sewer system.

Oakland Sewer Repair Technology

Sewer repair in Oakland can be done in two basic ways. The old way is to dig a trench, pull out and replace the old line with a new one. The new method  for sewer repair in Oakland is to use Oakland trenchless sewer repalacement. The Oakland trenchless sewer repair is cleaner and simpler. There is no need to dig up the homeowner's yard. The procedure consists of pulling a new sewer pipe through the old one.

. Oakland trenchless sewer repair has come to be accepted by homeowners and Municipal authorities. On busy streets, it allows traffic to flow freely with a minimum of disruptions. An Oakland sewer certificate is guaranteed with trenchless sewer replacement.



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